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MBLOK is startup company and they  lack a well designed brand identity, as well as an e-commerce website for their costumers. They also only have one product, the MBLOK, that they sell on the market. Further expanding their business and products will help them grow and compete with other similar businesses out there.


MBLOK is a company who has come up with their own innovative spin the the standard USB storage system. The MBLOK device is a small wireless external storage unit that can be used to link multiple devices using the MBLOK app and transfer your files onto the unit. What's unique about it is that it uses Bluetooth instead of wifi to transfer files, making it convenient as you can take it with you anywhere you go.


In order to help boost their sales, I created a modern and easily navigable website where costumers can effortlessly find information on the MBLOK, download the app and pick and choose MBLOK options to purchase.


how does it work?

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The logo consists of the letters M and B incorporated on two sides of an orthogonal cube. The black and white stripes at the top are to give the illusion of a 3D block. It's also an icon for a wireless signal.

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The website design was kept minimal and utilizes an easy to follow user interface. 

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In order to help the company expand their business and build their brand, other products were added to their existing line of MBLOK devices. These products can be purchased on the website as add-ons or accessories with the purchase.


phone cases

mouse pads



product packaging


paper system

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