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Locus Timepieces



Locus timepieces is an online based start-up company specializing is creating a unique twist on the concept of the modern-day minimalist watch.  Their mission in creating this brand was to offer consumers a new, stand-out design on the minimalist watches not offered by any other trendy watch brands currently on the market. They didn’t let the current trend be their guide, instead they let their creativity and determination differentiate them from their competitors. Locus Timepieces wants to be that difference costumers are looking for. After working on the sole design for almost a year, they finally have the design they want to show the world.

Their goal is to spread the word on their unique brand of watches and help the business grow and become a competitive brand among other minimalist watch companies. They want to prove that an affordable watch can be a high quality product without breaking the bank. Their watches guarantee luxury, affordability and high quality. This is what the consumer demands and this is why they are providing it to them.



In order to help Locus grow as a brand, a proper branding system needs to be put in place. They will also need different advertising platforms such as website ads and magazine ads to help get their company noticed. They will also need a newly designed logo that would reflect their brand identity while keeping the aesthetic of everything as minimal as possible.


They currently lack a a brand identity and a functioning brand system that would appeal to their audience. Since it is an online based company, they do not have an interactive platform or advertising that would help make their brand known and stand out among other top minimalist watch companies.



brand identity


The new logo combines aspects of the design of the Locus watch with the horizontal and vertical lines intertwining, at the same time it serves the purpose of creating an “L” shape representing the brand name "Locus". It also incorporates the typeface Montserrat regular with its simple and rounded aesthetic resembling the rounded shape of the watch. This also appeals to the minimalist concept and allows for incorporation of a variety of secondary type choices. 

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The color palette is quite neutral and minimalistic with
mostly black and white gradients and a dark red for a pop of color.

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