LingoMate is a dating app for those who love learning new languages and want to meet others who share the same interest. This unique app is designed with easy-to-follow lesson plans as well as tips on how you can communicate in the given language on your dates!  


To create an app with a simple layout and unique matching capabilities that will help both parties find their perfect match by their shared passion for learning a specific language.




As someone who loves to explore different cultures and languages and likes to share that passion, I was surprised to find that there are currently no dating apps for this specific demographic. As most language learning apps out there focus more on the learning aspect, it was difficult to find an app that was serious about matching users with people who like to learn the same languages they do. I had to come up with an idea that would combine the "learning" and the "romance" aspect without it seeing to academic and lose its purpose of being a dating app.


Why is This a good idea?


My research showed that this is something people are interested in, as there are about 300 million users out there who have downloaded an app to learn a language. My research also showed that people tend to be more motivated to learn and study with a partner than on their own. This made it the perfect idea to somehow combine the two without making it too academic heavy. I also found that based on my research, a great deal of language learning is achieved through games and activities where the user can interact in a way that makes the learning process fun and enjoyable.


A/B Testing

An A/B test was conducted as part of  user experience  by a group of 21 students. The findings of my results were then incorporated into the final outcome of the app design.

ab test.png

My discoveries after user feedback were that the app seemed heavily based on learning and less on the romantic side as that is the purpose of a dating app. To solve this problem, I decided to include such lesson plans where both users are required to meet in person eventually and follow along with the fun activities that both users need to complete together on their date. 


getting started

Simply log in, create your profile, upload pictures and let LingoMate find you your perfect match.

getting started.png


Once you set up your profile, Lingomate will sort through hundreds of thousands of users in your area to find the most compatible matches for you based on your language preferences and common interests.



Once you're matched and your partner likes you back, you can start chatting and learning together! The lesson plans are simple and easy to follow. This enables both of you to participate and share your love for learning a new language as well as your own tips and ideas.You and your partner will both complete the lesson plans together. Not only are the lessons designed to teach you common words or phrases, it also teaches you how to hold a conversation when you're on a date. Both users will be required to meet face to face at a later level and covers in that language.



You might find that you have run out of chances to pass lesson exams, which each member takes individually. If this occurs, you have the option of purchasing LingoCoins which you can use to buy you more chances to pass during exams. This option is recommended if you would like to avoid being unmatched by your partner for not completing exams in a timely manner.




Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png

The logo combines the letters L and M into an image resembling a heart shaped link. The main typeface  is Raleway for the majority of the body copy. Oswald is also used mostly for headline text or stand-alone text. The color palette consists of bright and vibrant colors that work well together to form various gradients throughout the design. 


research & process

Before starting this project, I'd tried and tested many different dating apps out there to get familiar with the the interface and user experience. I came across obstacles while I was designing which forced me to go back and study other similar user interfaces and draw inspiration so that I could come up with a better user experience.